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NOTE: The car has been sold. There will be no new pictures on this website.

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Taken July 4, 2004, near by my parents' house in Northen Michigan.

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At the STAP meet in June 2003. The gray pinstripes have since been removed.

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See, the de-chrome has already begun. I spray painted the taillight & fascia trim, and used Nite Shade to tint the reverse lights. Once I get the gloss black grille I will pull off those bumper strips and remove the paint stripes.

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Pic from the internet ad. I'll tell you one thing, that chrome won't be on this car for very long...


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Neat little cupholder... 100% better than the ashtray-mounted ones that will take, at maximum, a medium-size fast food drink. This little baby will hold 20oz's, large drinks, and even coffee mugs if I were to start drinking coffee.

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Ahh.. getting back to normal. Covered up woodgrain with carbon fiber applique, except this time I left the top "rib" uncovered so I have a little brushed-aluminum-accent thing going on there. Also notice the relocated TRAC OFF button, this location is a heck of a lot more convenient than the glovebox!

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