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This page will outline the tweaks and changes to the car, to make driving a little nicer and/or make other drivers look twice and/or impress the hell out of whoever is in the passenger seat. Performance modifications and routine maintenance items are on my Repairs & Mods page.

Quick list:

  • Window tint
  • Dashboard customization
  • Blaupunkt MP3000 stereo
  • Driver's left foot dead pedal
  • Tinted reverse lights
  • Painted rear fascia trim
  • Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs
  • Maglite mount on decklid
    Approximate total = $500

    Product Reviews:

  • LED Brakelights
  • Aiwa CDRW deck: JUNK! Skipped like a mofo.

    Archive - stuff done to my old (wrecked) Vic

    Detailed list:

    • 15-Mar-2003 - Picked up some mounting brackets for my D-cell Maglite and attached them to the underside of the decklid. 100% better than having that thing rolling around in the trunk. Pic

    • 15-Mar-2003 - Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs (9007ST) installed. $25 each at Murrays, light appears brighter and whiter as advertised.

    • 2-Feb-2003 - Rear end blackout. Removed taillights and rear fascia from car, painted the chrome strips (sanded, primed, painted, clear-coated), and sprayed some Nite-Shade into the reverse light lenses for a real Marauder-clone look. See pics page...

    • 20-Jan-2003 - Had Buzz Off Auto put some tint on my car. 35% on the front windows and 20% from the B-pillar back. Got it done for $242 out-the-door. See pics page...

    • ??-Jan-2003 - Put in a driver's left foot dead pedal. Grabbed it out of my old (wrecked) car and had it installed within a half hour. It works wonders for driver comfort, mine was purchased at but I think they are out of stock.

    • 2-Jan-2003 - Installed Blaupunkt MP3000 CD receiver which plays MP3's and WMA's burned onto CDR/CDRW's. It is better protected against skipping than my old Aiwa CDC-X507M. I used a Scosche FD-1280 install kit and FD16 universal connector. Total cost about $210.

    • 22-Dec-2002 - Customized dashboard by covering woodgrain with carbon fiber applique and relocating the TRAC OFF button to a more convenient location to the left of the clock. See pics page...
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