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This information comes from Crown Victoria and Police Interceptor order guides, so we are counting on Ford for reliable information here. (roll eyes)

If you quote from this page, it would be nice to mention where you got your information from. (

Many thanks to "Drock96Marquis" for help with this list!

Box bodies: 19901991
1st-gen "aero": 19921993
2nd-gen "aero": 199519961997
1st-gen "modern": 19981999200020012002
2nd-gen "modern": 20032004200520062007

New for 2007:

•  Job #1 = June 5, 2006
•  Rear shock switched back to right-side-up design

New for 2006:

2006 instrument cluster (thanks EL1998P71) •  17" steel wheels
•  Tachometer and digital odometer in standard instrument cluster (see pic at right)
•  Radio antenna embedded in rear glass (like pre-2005)
•  4R75E transmission with improved launch performance and electronic controls
•  Engine "beauty cover" deleted (police)
•  Engine hour meter (police)
•  Ballistic door panels optional (details) (late availability, police)
•  Zip tube redesigned with smooth exterior (was grid pattern) (police)
Changes effective 12/05 (2006.5MY):
•  Front lower control arm (LCA) changed to stamped steel (was cast aluminum)
•  Front shock travel changed (to accommodate stamped steel LCA)

New for 2005:

•  Job #1 = July 19, 2004
•  Fender-mounted whip antenna (passenger side rear)
•  New steering wheel & column (pic)
•  Crash severity sensors and weight-sensing passenger air bag disable (indicator light on dash)
•  PCM relocation (pic)
•  ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) -- also moves cruise function to PCM
•  Optional power moonroof (P74 only)
•  31-spline rear axle
•  Heated PCV
•  Redesigned zip tube (P74) (P71)
•  Optional active fire suppression system (police)
•  NGV engine no longer available

New for 2004:

•  Job #1 = July 28, 2003
•  LX Premier option package available - Click for package contents
•  Laminated side glass
•  Heated exterior mirrors become optional
•  Door handles blacked out (body color on LX Sport)
•  Bumper strips deleted
•  Dual sunvisor deleted on passenger front
•  Compass and Dome light now on overhead console (LX & Sport)
•  Cargo net deleted
•  Rear Air Suspension (RAS) ride height computer moved to interior passenger side firewall (was trunk-mounted)
•  Radio delete standard (police)
•  200A alternator (police)
•  Revised engine cover (police) (pic)
•  Marauder-style air inlet increases power to 250hp@4900rpm/287ft-lb@4100rpm (police)
•  3.55 limited slip differential optional (police)

New for 2003:

•  Job #1 = March 26, 2002
•  Refreshed interior door panels including door handles/pulls and window switches
•  All-new hydroformed frame and aluminum #2 x-member
•  Rack & Pinion steering
•  Redesigned brakes
•  Redesigned front suspension including monotube coil-over shocks
•  Redesigned rear suspension including inverted monotube shocks mounted outboard of the frame rail
•  Engine knock sensor allows engine to be tweaked to 224hp/272tq (single exhaust), 239hp/287tq (dual exhaust)2003 Flat Wiper design (thanks Nells)
•  Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) eliminated from transmission tail housing (speedometer now gets speed data from PCM)
•  Intake manifold with aluminum water crossover
•  Side airbags optional
•  New frameless wipers (see pic at right)
•  Wiper-activated headlights
•  Wheel & wheel cover designs (high positive offset): Steelie w/ capBase/PI CoverLX & HPPLX Sport
•  Overhead console standard on P74
•  Dual Media (Cassette/CD) Player standard
•  Rear middle passenger gets shoulder belt (pic)
•  ABS standard
•  Valet key standard
•  Redesigned engine cover (pic) & plastic fenderwells
•  Oil fill moved to passenger valve cover
•  Power steering fluid reservoir moved to the radiator surround (was on the front of the engine)
•  Quiet EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) brake booster with mechanical panic assist
•  5.7L (6qt) oil pan (20% larger than 2002)
•  Electronic returnless fuel system (reduces evap. emissions)
•  Redesigned exhaust (cats & manifolds & exhaust hangers)
•  Light Flint replaces Light Graphite interior color
•  Denim Blue interior color deleted
•  78 amp-hour battery (was 72) (police)
•  Revised and additional standard wiring (police)
•  Auxiliary power distribution boxes (police)
Changes effective 12/02:
•  Auto Park Brake Release - No Longer Available
•  Underhood Lamp - No Longer Available
•  Body Colored Mirror Caps - No Longer Available
•  Front Seat Pouch - No Longer Available
•  Remote Fuel Door - No Longer Available
•  Adjustable Pedals - LX and Sport Only
•  Rear Stabilizer Bar - Not available on Base model

New for 2002:

•  Job #1 = July 30, 2001
•  P73 becomes 'Standard' series, P74 becomes 'LX' series Please do not steal this pic
•  P70 body style available (commercial/fleet): rear seats gain 6" of legroom
•  'LX Sport' package replaces SAP, 'LX Comfort' renamed 'LX', 'LX Comfort Plus' eliminated
•  Steering wheel audio & climate controls (P74)
•  Trunk Storage System available (P74) ($190)
•  Power adjustable pedals standard on P74
•  ABS standard on P74
•  Digital dash available on P74 ($235)
•  Auto-dimming mirror standard
•  Smart Lock feature (prevents locking keys inside)
•  Front seat storage pockets (leather only)
•  Storage pockets on seatbacks
•  Floor mats standard
•  Improved ashtray & cupholder
•  Heated exterior mirrors standard
•  Luxury cloth & 8-way power available on P73
•  Passenger seat designed to adopt CruiseCam instead of weapons (police)

New for 2001:

•  Job #1 = August 8, 2000
•  "Sport Appearance Package (SAP)" available - Click for package contents
•  Performance-improved (PI) cylinder heads, (up to 235hp@4750, 276lb-ft@4000)
•  Revised FEAD and engine calibration (fixed all the glitches from 2000)
•  Power adjustable pedals available ($120)
•  Remote fuel filler door release
•  HPP rear gears go back down to 3.27 mid-year (use Door Sticker Decoder to identify your gears)
•  Personal Safety System standard
Includes safety belt pretensioner, crash severity sensor, dual stage air bags, seat position sensors
•  ABS made optional
•  Lacy Spoke 16" wheel added to Comfort Plus group (was only available with HPP)
•  New torque converter material implemented for shudder resistance
•  Digital Clock deleted from instrument panel
•  Traction Control disable switch moved to instrument panel
•  Headlamp On switch moved to wiper stalk
•  New horn
•  Power mirror switch redesigned 2001 honeycomb grille on Beemer's car
•  Front door map pockets
•  No dim daytime dash lights
•  Improved interior ergonomics (steering wheel, seats)
•  Greasable upper ball joints (police only)
•  Flat black honeycomb grille (police only)
•  Aluminum driveshaft (police only)
•  Police alternator output upped to 135/82 (max/idle, amperes)

New for 2000:

•  Revised FEAD and engine calibration (not a very good revision either, according to Ford techs)
•  Child seat anchors added to package tray (pic)
•  HPP rear gears go up to 3.55
•  HPP torque converter is 11.25" (non-HPP and non-police is still 12")
•  "Instant Fuel Econ" and "Gallons to Empty" removed from digital dash
•  "Special Edition" available - Click for package contents
•  2-bulb rear lighting (was 4-bulb with separate brake & blinker) (police)
•  Express-down windows now standard (police)
•  Metal Matrix driveshaft standard (police)
•  Tail lamp applique blacked out (police)
•  Ashtrays and carpet removed from door trim panels (police)
•  Black textured mirror caps (was glossy) (police/fleet)
•  Extended Range option available on NGV vehicles

New for 1999:

•  ABS standard on Base and LX
•  AM/FM/Cassette standard
•  12oz carpet standard (was 13.5oz)
•  Leather seating standard on Comfort Plus
•  Traction Control now a free-standing option
•  CD player available on Base
•  6-disc changer available on LX
•  Slightly different front bumper cover (open space as viewed from the bottom instead of gridded)
•  Lacy spoke (HPP) wheels have painted lip (was machined)
•  "Police Interceptor" emblem (police)
•  ABS available as free-standing option (police)
•  3.55 gears standard (police)
•  11.25" torque converter (police)
•  Variable Steering Assist (EVO) deleted (police)

New for 1998:

•  Exterior freshening
Rear window "side lights" removed (commonize body side to 92+ Grand Marquis); new front/rear fascia & bumpers, grille, hood, decklid, mouldings, headlights/parking lights, taillamps, mirrors, wheel covers, 12-spoke LX wheels
•  Interior upgrades
Green LED backlighting; 2-spoke steering wheel; 13.5oz carpeting; seat belt buckle release button moved to "top" of buckle; black plastic used on manual window lock knobs, column gear shift lever and wiper stalk arm (was chrome); woodgrain (LX); rear center armrest (LX); Premium AM/FM/Cass available (LX); single CD player available (LX); compass on electrochromic mirror (LX); 8-way power passenger seat w/lumbar (LX)
•  Watt's linkage rear suspension
•  Optional all-speed Traction Control (was low-speed-only)
•  Coil-on-plug (COP) ignition Picture theft is not very nice!
•  72amp-hour battery (was 58)
•  19gal fuel tank (was 20)
•  Larger, dual-piston front brake calipers
•  Mercon V specified for use in 4R70W transmission
•  16" wheels standard
•  Fail-safe cooling with dual-speed electric fan
•  Coolant overflow reservoir moved to the radiator surround (was on passenger-side fender)
•  Power steering fluid reservoir moved to the front of the engine (was on driver-side fender)
•  External oil-to-air transmission and power steering fluid cooler with thermostatic bypass valve
•  Engine "beauty cover" redesigned
•  SecuriLock (PATS) system standard
•  Seat trims on LX
•  Keyless entry key fob design
•  Valet locking/key and remote decklid release/lockout eliminated
•  Conventional Spare is steel, not aluminum, when ordered with HPP
•  Fuel lines moved to passenger side frame rail
•  18oz floor mats
•  Analog gauges have red pointers (was orange)
•  Police options now available: Spot Lamp, Spot Lamp Prep, Radio Suppression, Inoperative Courtesy Lamp

New for 1997:

•  Transmission retuned for improved shift control
•  Heated mirrors deleted
•  Door panel courtesy lights deleted
•  Lacy spoke (HPP) wheels redesigned with "overlapping" spokes
•  Power steering improved for better precision & on-center feel
•  Secondary power point deleted
•  Rear air suspension available only with HPP
•  Driver's memory seat deleted
•  Auto-lamp deleted (police)
•  Door handle-activated Illuminated Entry deleted from Remote Keyless Entry (key fob illuminates interior)

New for 1996:

•  NGV available
•  Front fender badging deleted
•  Steering wheel, four-spoke
•  Single-key entry system
•  55mph "national speed limit" indicator removed from analog speedometer (exact implementation timing unknown)
•  Analog gauges have orange pointers (was white)
•  Remote-release fuel door deleted
•  Trailer tow package deleted
•  All-plastic intake manifold
•  Throttle body linkage and engine "beauty cover" redesigned
•  Variable-assist power steering made more responsive
•  Brake proportioning valve moved to the side of master cylinder (was on bottom, ABS+TRAC optioned vehicles)
•  Transmission pan redesigned with deeper sump
•  Transmission filter redesigned with longer pick-up snout
•  EDIS module integrated into EEC-V
•  JBL Audio system deleted
•  Passenger power lumbar deleted
•  Locking lugnuts deleted (aluminum wheels)
•  Engine compartment light deleted (except NGV)
•  Illuminated keyhole deleted (remote keyless entry)
•  Faux wood trim deleted, digital clock moved to radio, trunk release moved to center dash (police only)
Changes effective 1996.5MY:
•  Single-key entry and ignition system
•  Ignition switch changed to black plastic (was chrome), accepts larger PATS-style key

New for 1995:

•  4R70W transmission
•  EEC-V/OBD-II computer (How to determine your PCM version: EEC-V connector is under the dash above the driver's feet; EEC-IV connector is under the hood, left rear corner--thanks JohnG)
•  2.73 rear gears standard (was 3.08)
•  Clean air compliance
•  Exterior freshening
Revised grille, taillamps & rear appliques, front & rear bumper covers, aluminum decklid w/ wider & lower liftover, added 12-spoke aluminum wheel, bodyside moldings, heated side mirrors
•  Interior redesign
Instrument panel including appliques/woodgrains, 10" front seat track (was 9"), door trim panels, Continental-based seats, lighted window/lock switches, folding assist handles, audio systems including DSP, rear seat heat ducts standard, dampened glovebox door, 12V power point below ashtray, power seat controls moved to door panel, decklid liner (non-police)
•  Rear window defroster standard
•  Theater lighting standard (Light/Decor option)
•  Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) becomes electronic (EATC)
•  Lighting Control Module (LCM) implemented, allowing Battery Saver and Theater Lighting features and eliminating individual fuses
•  Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) functions moved to Driver's Door Module (DDM) (was a standalone module)
•  JBL Audio option utilizes a new Rear Chassis Unit (RCU) in addition to the external amplifier
•  Power antenna deleted (integrated into rear glass)
•  Cell phone option deleted
•  CD changer deleted
•  Trunk cargo net deleted
•  Battery saver standard
•  Outside air temperature moved to EATC display
•  85mph analog gauge cluster dropped (now only 120 and 140mph)
•  Digi-dash redesigned: "Average Speed" added, "Gallons to Empty" displayed full-time
•  Electrochromic rearview mirror (option on LX)
•  Solar-tinted glass standard
•  Memory seats optional (LX)
•  Dual-note horn

New for 1993:

•  Touring Sedan model dropped
•  AODE transmission w/ brake shift interlock and OD lockout standard
•  Stainless steel exhaust system
•  Exterior upgrades
Decklid applique added, radiator grille added, color-coordinated wide bodyside moldings, new wheels
•  Interior upgrades
Ashtray-mounted cupholders, plastic-head ignition key, new seat material (LX), driver's footrest, express-down driver's window standard, dimming time-only clock, seat belts improved for child seats, DIN radio system
•  16" wheels added to HPP option
•  CD w/ 10-disc changer (option)
•  Cell phone system w/ storage armrest (option)
•  Electrochromic rearview mirror (option on LX)
•  Insta-Clear windshield deleted
•  Radial spoke wheel covers deleted

New for 1992:

•  Job #1 = August 1991 (Police/Pursuit - February 1992)
•  4.6L SOHC V8 only engine available (190hp, old 5.0L was 150hp)
•  AODE transmission (delayed introduction - February 1992)
•  Touring Sedan (P75) model added
•  All-new exterior
Sheet metal, limousine doors w/ hidden drip rail molding, flush glass all around, concealed bumpers w/ full wrap covers, wheels & wheel covers, paint selection
•  All-new interior
Instrument panel & cluster, cargo net (LX), rear seat center armrest, seats, door trim panels including map pockets
•  New options available
Rear air spring suspension, JBL sound system, keyless entry, ABS w/ electronic low-speed traction assist, Electronic Group (digidash), dual power seats w/ lumbar, passenger air bag, Light/Decor Group
•  Options deleted
Bumper guards, wire wheel covers, Trac-Lok axle, Brougham half-roof treatment
•  Standard 4-wheel disc brakes
•  Improved suspension including standard rear stabilizer bar
•  Handling & Performance Package replaces HD Suspension Package
•  Speed-sensitive variable assist power steering
•  Remote fuel filler door release standard (LX)
•  Childproof rear door locks
•  Fuel tank capacity increased to 20gal

New for 1991:

•  Job #1 = April 16, 1990
•  Paint stripe lower, brighter
•  Clear parking lamp lenses
•  Clearcoat paint standard (after 8/90)
•  Two-tone paint deleted
•  Sparkle paint on aluminum wheels
•  Glove box door padding deleted

New for 1990:

•  Aluminum bumpers
•  New I/P including redesigned gauge cluster (incl. temp gauge) and larger glovebox
•  Extended seat tracks to 9"
•  New steering wheel w/ airbag
•  Smaller, more ergonomic headrests
•  Positive shut-off dashboard vents
•  Shoulder seatbelts for rear outboard passengers
•  Valet key
•  Headlights-on warning chime
•  Knee bolsters added
•  Tilt steering standard
•  Power windows & mirrors standard
•  Door pocket deleted
•  Flight bench seat deleted
•  Front window vents deleted
•  Tripminder computer deleted

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