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What is P71?HPP?SAP? LX Sport?
LX Comfort? LX Comfort Plus?LX Premier?
Special Edition?

What is P71, P74, etc?

These are the "model codes" designated by Ford. They are found in the VIN, numbers 5, 6, and 7 (see my VIN Decoder). For 1992 and newer Panthers, the following table provides a comparison of major differences. Special orders and year-to-year changes may affect the table's accuracy in some cases.
Ford Nomenclature
Police Interceptor
Commercial Heavy Duty
Primary Marketing Angle
Certified for high-speed emergency operation (police). Available with heavy-duty components and features suited to commercial users (taxicabs). Affordable reliability and safety. Traditional luxury & style.
pre-1998: front
1998: frontrear
1999: frontrear
2000: frontrear
2001-02: frontrear
2003-04: frontrear
Slightly higher stance. Street Appearance Group (60B) available starting 1999MY (chrome trim). Depends largely on order conditions and model year.
Depends on order conditions and model year.
Flat black rear fascia (1998+).
P71-style blackout available 1999+.
"Crown Victoria" badge.
Chrome trim.
"Crown Victoria" badge.
Black B-pillars.
Same as base except "Crown Victoria LX" badge.
"Special Edition" badge on such-equipped 2000MY cars.
Dual exhaust standard, resonators removed, Marauder-style air cleaner (2004+), otherwise same as base. Single exhaust standard, otherwise same as base. Romeo-built, Intech 4.6L (281ci), 2valve/cyl, stainless exhaust. Pre-2002 had dual exhaust available as part of HPP.
Engine Power chart
Dual exhaust available (HPP or Sport), otherwise same as base.
PCM Program
135mph speed limiter, firmer shifts, higher idle speed, also altered spark tables and other tweaks P71-style programming available with 920A Police Equip Pkg, otherwise same as base. Base. (106mph speed limiter) Same as base.
Transmission / Drivetrain
11.25" torque converter, 1" extended nosecone, AL or AMM driveshaft, steeper gears (TracLoc available), otherwise same as base. Same as base. Sharonville-built 4R70W 4-speed w/ overdrive, 12" torque converter (except HPP), steel driveshaft. 11.25" torque converter on HPP/Sport, otherwise same as base.
Fluid Coolers
Transmission, power steering, engine oil. Transmission, power steering. Transmission, power steering available with HPP (pre-2002). Transmission, power steering available with HPP/Sport.
Suspension / Chassis
Slightly higher stance, firmer springs and shocks, non-variable power steering assist (1999+). 18mm rear bar. Greasable upper ball joints (2001+). Heavy-duty springs and shocks, 18mm rear swaybar, non-variable power steering assist (1999+). 29.5mm front swaybar (standard on all models). HPP available (pre-2002). Same as base, HPP still available on LX.
Reinforced in critical locations, otherwise same as base. Reinforced in critical locations, otherwise same as base. P70 model adds 6" of rear seat legroom. Pre-2003: welded steel sections. 2003: hydroformed, also aluminum #2 frame crossmember. Same as base.
HD battery, 135A/82A alternator (2001+), 200A alternator (2004+). HD battery, 135A/82A alternator (2001+). 130 amp alternator (same across all lines pre-2001). Light/Decor group standard (incl dual lighted visors and dual-beam dome/map light).
Hood and IP insulators, rear armrest (LX) deleted. 140mph speedo. No express-down driver's window (pre-2000). Engine compartment light. Weapon/CruiseCam cutout in front seat. P70 available starting 2002MY. Major standard equipment, all models: dual air bags, A/C, power door locks, power windows w/ driver's express-down, rear defroster Leather-wrapped steering wheel, climate and audio controls mounted on steering wheel (2001+).
Model-Specific Options / Packages
Variety of wiring & lighting packages available. Radio suppression. Auxiliary fuse block. Rear doors inoperable. Cruise control (std on P73, P74). Silicone upper/lower antifreeze hoses. Locking rear differential. Carpet delete (rubber flooring). Lateral bow reinforcement & removable headliner. Locking gas cap (98-00). Two-tone and specialty paint. Fleet keysets. Variety of wiring packages available. Radio suppression. Auxiliary fuse block. Carpet delete (rubber flooring). Rear doors inoperable. Fleet keysets. Police equipment group available, but not intended for pursuit vehicles (920A). HPP (pre-2002), CD player (1999+), ABS/TRAC (pre-2002), remote keyless entry. HPP, SAP/LX Sport (2001+), Comfort and Comfort Plus (pre-2002), and LX Premier (2004+) packages which may include: premium audio, digital instrumentation, automatic climate control, CD changer, universal garage door opener, auto-dim mirror w/compass, power passenger seat
Model-wide Options
AM/FM/Cassette. License plate bracket. Engine block heater (fleet). ABS (std on some years & models). Conventional spare tire (16" steel instead of donut). Power adjustable pedals (2001+).
Thanks to the message board fellas (Owen Ward, MobyVic, ronman, SVO-CVPI a.k.a. 99NDP71) for help with this table!

Guide to abbreviations:

ABS = Antilock Braking System
A/C = Air Conditioning
AL = Aluminum
AMM = Aluminum Metal Matrix (better than aluminum or steel for high-pursuit driveshafts)
B-pillar = The column of metal between the front & back door openings.
CI = Cubic Inches
CYL = Cylinder
EATC = Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
4R70W = Codename for this particular electronically controlled Ford transmission.
HD = Heavy-duty
HPP = (see below)
IP = Instrument Panel a.k.a. dashboard
MY = Model Year
SAP = (see below)
STD = Standard Equipment
TRAC = Electronic Traction Control (requires ABS)

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What is HPP?

The HPP (Handling & Performance Package, dealer order code 41G) contains the following extras. As noted above, as of 2002MY, HPP is no longer availabe on P73. It is still an option on P74, and has never been an option on P71 or P72.
 •  Dual exhaust (good for 15HP)
 •  Revised springs & shocks, larger rear swaybar (21mm), rear air springs
 •  Power steering fluid cooler
 •  "Touring" tires
 •  Cast aluminum lacy-spoke wheels
 •  Steeper non-locker gears (3.27 for most years, 3.55 for a short time in 2000-2001) Determine your axle ratio

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What is the SAP or LX Sport package?

Offered for the first time in 2001 as the SAP (Sport Appearance Package, dealer order code 60R). In 2002, it was changed to LX Sport (230A). The content of both packages is the same, and is listed as follows:
 •  Monochromatic exterior (available at no extra charge, and only with colors FL-Toreador Red, UA-Black, LL-Deep Wedgwood Blue, TS-Silver Frost)
 •  HPP
 •  235/55R17 BSW tires on 17" 5-spoke alloy wheels
 •  5-passenger seating: Center console in front, rear armrest gets cupholders
 •  Floor shifter
 •  Leather seating available at no extra charge
Note: In 2001, SAP was only available with LX Comfort w/ leather, or LX Comfort Plus.

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What is in the LX Comfort package?

From 1998-2001, this package (dealer order code 65C) contained:
 •  EATC
 •  12-spoke aluminum wheels
 •  Power passenger seat w/ lumbar
 •  Electronic auto-dim mirror w/ compass
 •  Leather-wrapped steering wheel
Note: This package is similar to the Group 2 (67A) package pre-1998.
Note: These features became standard on the LX (200A) in 2002.

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What is in the LX Comfort Plus package?

From 1998-2000, this package (dealer order code 65E) contained:
 •  LX Comfort package
 •  Electronic instrumentation (digi-dash)
 •  Leather seating surfaces
 •  Premium AM/FM/Cassette
 •  Cast aluminum lacy-spoke wheels (2001MY only)
Note: This package is similar to the Group 3 (65D) package pre-1998.
Note: These features became standard on the LX Sport (230A) in 2002.

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What is in the LX Premier package?

First offered in 2004MY on LX models, this package (dealer order code 60L) contained:
 •  EATC
 •  Leather Steering Wheel
 •  Power Passenger Seat
 •  Power Lumbar Seats
 •  Electrochromic Mirrors Auto-Dim Rearview Mirror
 •  AM/FM/CD/Cassette
Note: This package is required when leather seats, digi-dash, or side airbags are ordered.

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What is the Special Edition package?

An option only offered on 2000MY cars (dealer order code 54G) as an addition to the Comfort Plus package, this package contained:
 •  Two-tone leather seating (only available in FJ-Light/Medium Parchment)
 •  "Special Edition" badge on lower right rear fascia
 •  Only offered in WT-Vibrant White, B2-Harvest Gold, B4-Chestnut (B4 only available on Special Edition for 2000MY)
 •  Paint stripe deleted
 •  Traction Control
 •  Floor mats

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For a breakdown of the general differences from year to year, see the Model Year Changes page.

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